Arts Ministries

The Media Ministries philosophy is to produce excitement, motivation and opportunity for every believer to be a part of what GOD is doing in the earth, in our lives and in the ministry of Faith In Action Church. Whether you are a current member, or visitor to our website, it is our hope that the media ministry is able to be a blessing to you!
The Worship/Praise Dance Ministry is to serve, reclaim and demonstrate truth through the ministry of dance. We are used as vessels to bring forth the word of God through movement.
The Music Ministry serves as one body united in spirit and purpose to create an atmosphere of worship. It is comprised of skilled musicians, anointed singers, powerful lyricists, dancers and actors. Our sole intention is to usher people into the presence of God and prepare people’s hearts for the hearing of God’s word.
This is a creative arms that serve God through a multiplicity of gifts and talents. As they may entertain, they never loose focus to transform and impact lives.